Handcrafted Rustic Solid Oak Door Stop Mini4

Handcrafted Rustic Solid Oak Door Stop


Handcrafted Rustic Solid Oak Door Stop.
Each door stop is individually handcrafted from solid oak complete with galv ring handle to comfortably move around.
Every door stop is unique with its individual irregular shape and it`s own patina and grain pattern characteristic markings include original shakes, old knots and splits which will naturally continue to develop some may even have a little bark, only time can create these beautiful variations in wood.
They are finished with Danish oil and a coat of  wax especially being oak its makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Each stop measure approximately 100mm high x 100mm wide x 100mm deep (approx 4" x 4" x 4"), dimensions will slightly vary from stop to stop.
These door stops are the mini of the family more compact for that smaller daintier look for lighter doors.
They make an absolute perfect bespoke paper weight for that something different.
These doorstops make a perfect gift or treat yourself.

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