Handcrafted Sewing Pattern Weight Set of 20

This cute Individually Handcrafted pattern weight stand with 20 weights

 Pattern cutting weights are designed to secure patterns to fabric without the need for endless pinning and indeed endless unpinning,  saving you precious sewing time.

Weights are simply  placed directly  on to the  pattern securely holding  it in place on the fabric ready for cutting.

The handcrafted wooden stacker will  keep your work area neat and tidy.

This set will make a superb gift for yourself or any Sewing Bee

Colour of wood and grain may vary
The beauty of wood, a natural product, each set is individually handcrafted with utmost care and attention but may contain/develop small
 areas of shakes and irregularities that only Mother Nature can create.
 Will not detract the use. 

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