Handcrafted Hardwood Love Heart Magnetic Pin Holder

 Handcrafted  Hardwood Love Heart Magnetic Pin Holder

Perfect for the hobbyist or professional alike


Our Latest addition for all you sewing enthusiasts :)

Maxi Krafts has designed and handcrafted a unique Magnetic Love Heart Pin Holder.

It is smooth and round like a pebble and will magically grab and hold your pins securely  from approx 2" away, far more practical and easier than a standard fabric pin cushion, saves you valuable sewing time.

A real must have for your sewing kit or will make a perfect unique gift.

  It unique abilities will enable you to keep your work area clean and tidy more importantly pin free. How long does it take you to pick up pins from the floor?

Pins not included :)

Each Love Heart is individually hand crafted from selected hardwood and measures approx 3" x 2.5"

Perfect for all Sewing Bees, Dress Makers, Tailors, Costume Designers etc.

Colour and grain pattern will vary.

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